Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services

1. What services do you offer? We offer a comprehensive range of services including lawn care, fertilization, weed control, mosquito control, fire ant control, and landscaping. Our goal is to provide everything you need to maintain a healthy and beautiful outdoor space.

2. How often should my lawn be fertilized? The frequency of fertilization depends on the type of grass and soil in your lawn, as well as the specific needs of your landscape. Typically, we recommend fertilizing your lawn 4-6 times a year for optimal health and growth.

3. What is the best time of year to apply weed control treatments? Weed control treatments are most effective when applied in early spring and fall. However, we tailor our approach based on the types of weeds and specific conditions of your lawn to ensure year-round protection.

4. Are the products you use safe for my family and pets? Yes, we use environmentally-friendly products that are safe for your family and pets. Our treatments are carefully applied by trained professionals to minimize any risk while effectively addressing lawn and pest issues.

5. How do your mosquito control services work? Our mosquito control services include a thorough inspection of your property to identify breeding sites, followed by targeted treatments to reduce mosquito populations. We use safe and effective products to ensure a comfortable, mosquito-free outdoor space.

6. What should I do if I have fire ants in my yard? If you have fire ants, contact us immediately for a consultation. Our experts will assess the infestation and apply targeted treatments to eliminate the fire ant colonies and prevent future infestations.

7. How soon can I see results from your services? Results can vary based on the specific service and condition of your lawn. Generally, you can expect to see improvements within a few weeks of treatment. For ongoing services like fertilization and weed control, continued improvements will be evident over the course of the treatment program.

8. Do you offer customized landscaping designs? Yes, we offer customized landscaping designs tailored to your preferences and the specific conditions of your property. Our team works closely with you to create a beautiful and functional outdoor space.

9. How do I schedule a consultation? You can schedule a consultation by contacting us through our website, by phone, or via email. Our friendly staff will help you set up an appointment at your convenience.

10. Do you offer service plans? Yes, we offer a variety of service plans to meet your needs and budget. Our plans can include regular lawn maintenance, seasonal treatments, and specialized pest control services to ensure your outdoor space remains healthy and beautiful year-round. Contact us for more details.

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